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18 Combat Force Suddenly stop and drop down when flying Helicopter  
  Cause: Weak power

Recharge the battery pack

17 Combat Force Propeller can't spin Helicopter  
  Cause: 1.On/Off switch is Off
2. Battery weak

1. Set switch to On position
2. Recharge the battery pack

16 Hovercraft Battery life is short. Hovercraft  
  Cause: 1.Battery pack are not fully charged.
2.Battery pack charged when hot
3.Battery pack faulty or worn out
4.Battery pack old or has too little capacity(mah)

1. Recharge battery pack
2. Always allow battery pack to cool before charging
3. Replace battery pack
4. Use battery pack with high mah rating 750 or higher is best

15 Hovercraft Hovercraft stops working after going in water or snow Hovercraft  
  Cause: Water in battery or electronics or motor areas

Turn power knob off immediately, remove all batteries,
dry inside and out with clean soft cloth and allow to dry
overnight with battery cover off.

14 Hovercraft Erratic operation, loss of control, short range. Hovercraft  
  Cause: 1.Radio interference
2.Week transmitter battery
3.Weak hovercraft battery

1.Move to another location, point antenna up in the air, not at vehicle,
don't touch antenna
2.Replace 9V battery in transmitter
3.Recharge 9.6 battery pack

13 Hovercraft Hovercraft runs slowly or won't move, or won't steer Hovercraft  
  Cause: 1.Batteries dead or low
2.Batteries installed incorrectly
3.Loose Battery connection
4.Power switch is off
5.Run the hovercraft on carpet floor
6.Air leaking

1.Recharge/Change hovercraft battery
2.Remove and replace batteries, make sure battery
direction(polarity +/-) is correct and battery compartment
contacts are clean.
3. Double check the connection
4.Turn on Power switch
5. Run the hovercraft on flat surface like wood, concrete floor.
6. Ensure the rubber air bag is intact.

12 Apache 9088 The Tail motor don't work! Helicopter  
  Cause: Operation Issue

The tail motor works only when the main rotor blades spin.
The main throttle stick must be turned up!

11 Apache 9088 Top rotor blades don't spin Helicopter  
  Cause: 1.The screws on lower main gear may loose
2. The main gear don't feed in to the gear on the motor.

a. Remove landing wheel
b. Remove Batteries Pack
c. Check if the lower main gear is working.
if yes, tie up the 2 screws on the lower main gear.
if no, untie the 2 screws, and make sure the lower main gear
feed in to the gear on the motor. then tie up the 2 screws again.

4 Helicopter Helicopter land too fast Helicopter  
  Cause: Loose the throttle stick or pull it down too fast

leave throttle stick down slowly till the chopper landed

3 Helicopter Helicopter can not take off Helicopter  
  Cause: 1 Main rotor blades rotate too slow
2.Battery is not fully charged

1. Pull up the throttle stick
2.Fully charge the battery

2 Helicopter Can not control the helicopter Helicopter  
  Cause: 1.You haven't operated the controller.
2. Power switch on controller is off.
3.Antenna is not fully pull out.
4. You are flying the helicopter in strong winds.
5. The indicator ligh on controller is twinkle.

1. Turn controller power switch on
2. Turn helicopter's power switch on
3. Pull out you antenna
4. Do not fly the chopper in strong winds.
5.Flip the power control rod up and down or chance the batteries.

1 Helicopter Controller doesn't work Helicopter  
  Cause: 1.Power switch on controller is off.
2.Batterie insert improperly in controller
3.Batteries power are low.

1. Turn power switch on
2.Check batteries's pole is inserted correctly
3. Change new batteries

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