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DB13W3 Adapter
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Digital / analog video audio cables and adapters for home theater, presentation room, show system.
High bandwidth cables for DVI, HDMI, VGA, RGB, RGBS, RGBSV, HD15, DB13W3, BNC, RCA
Quality computer cables for ethernet, KVM switcher.
Specialize for digital to analog or analog to digital conversion.
Cables for HDTV equipment

We also sale cables for home entertainment, presentation room, show control system, and super computer devices. If you couldn't find the cables you need. please let us know. Thanks for visiting!



Quality Cables, Adapters and Interfaces
We welcome Government and School's PO. Please contact us at sales@vvware.com
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20 Detail HDMI (19 pin) to DVI (18+1) gold plate 3 ft


27 Detail HDMI to HDMI gold plate connector_6ft


49 Detail DB13W3 Monitor cable male-male 10 ft


21 Detail HDMI to HDMI gold plate connector 3ft


25 Detail HDMI to HDMI gold plate(ferrite)nylon 3ft


32 Detail HDMI m to DVI 24 m adapter


33 Detail HDMI m to DVI 24f adapter black


34 Detail HDMI f to DVI 24 m adapter, black


53 Detail Monitor cable DB13w3 female to 4 BNC male 6 inch


42 Detail 3 RCA cable male to male 3ft fpe od:3.7m/m


43 Detail 3 RCA cable male to male 6ft fpe od:3.7m/m_


44 Detail 2-RCA male to male


56 Detail HDMI repeater Interface up to 98ft


Out of Stock

55 Detail Monitor cable DB13w3 male to 4 BNC male


41 Detail 2-RCA male to male


50 Detail DB13W3 male to DB13W3 female 6ft


24 Detail HDMI to HDMI gold plate(ferrite) connector 3ft


109 Detail DVI-I to DVI-D +VGA 6ft


110 Detail DVI-I to DVI-D+VGA 10ft


111 Detail DVI-I to DVI-D + VGA 15ft


112 Detail DVI-D male to DFP male 4ft


118 Detail DVI-D male to DFP male 6ft


120 Detail DVI-D male to DFP male 20ft


108 Detail DVI-I to DVI-D+VGA 4ft



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Please contact us at service@vvware.com, if you couldn't find the cable you need.

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