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This RC battle tank M1A2(1/24 scale)has a vivid look. Compared with the models of the scale 1/35 and 1/60, it is much larger(41cm long)and simulates more details of a real look. As commonly accepted scale of 1/24, it has more real and outstanding if displayed with other models together.

This is the latest modern tank, it has high agility and exceeds the limits of movement of traditional remote controlled cars. For example, it can perform spin stunt and super spin stunt with caterpillars which are unique and characteristic movements. It also has two speeds, high and low, when it runs forward.

In addition, the turret can turn sideways and the gun can move up and down to help the aiming acts of the tank. It also has powerful motor air gun(with hop-up system)which can shoot the BB bullets as far as 75ft. and the bullets can be loaded automatically, just like a real tank.

There is a red indicator for BB bullet shooting. It can light up before shooting, warning people and making the tank more like a real hunter.

"Run forward! Aim! Shoot!" All these acts of a real battle tank can be performed by this simulated tank.

The color and pattern on the body of the model perfectly resemble a real tank. The camouflage coating makes running and shooting more interesting. It also has tank operator, a passenger, and machine gun designed to make the battle game attractive.

The handy-type controller is easy for use. Only one hand is enough to control basic movement of the tank. And you can also use it to do more complicated control. For example, run the the tank and shooting at same time.

This tank is powered by rechargeable battery. If fully charged, the tank can run continuously for about 60 minutes. Moreover, there are 3 channels available for more tanks to run at the same time without interference.


* Remote control battle tank
* radio-controlled BB shooting
* Max firing range of about 25M equipped with motor AIR GUN
* Turret can turn to both sides up 320 degree and gun can go up and down
* All driving wheels suspension system
* 1/24 scale and 41cm of tank length
* 2 forward speed control
* Forward, backward, spin, super Spin
* Equipped with high gripping caterpillar
* Tanks fighting possibility (more than one Tank can run at the same time)
* Running time up to 60 minutes


* Length:16"
* Width: 6"
* Height: 6"

Package Includes:

* M1A2 radio control battle tank
* Remote controller (9V Battery included)
* 6mm BB
* 9.6NiCd rechargeable battery
* Battle accessory parts
* English manual


ID 1678

Model No M1A2 Tank

Item M1A2 Tank 1/24 Scale ( refurbished item, please see notes )


This is a refurbished item, it has been tested, is good and working condition. Sale As Is
Remote Control Battle Tank
* 1/24 radio-controlled
* Max firing range of about 25M equipped with motor AIR GUN.
* Turret can turn to both sides and gun can go up and down.
* All driving wheels suspension system
* 1/24 scale and 41cm of tank length make vivid tank battle possible
* 2 forward speed control
* Forward, Backward, Spin, Super Spin
* Equipped with high gripping caterpillar
* Tanks fighting possibility (more than one Tank can run at the same time
* Running time as long as over 60 minutes


Sale Price¡G $25.99

+ Shipping Charges 14.99

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